Memory Support (847) 604-6704

Memory care services for Lake Forest seniors with memory impairments

The Balmoral Memory Care Center is at the forefront of today’s fresh new thinking on caring for people who have difficulty thinking, and providing them with new opportunities for an enhanced and enriched quality of life. Balmoral is a friendly, inclusive community that focuses on the positive. We offer a secure environment with a staff of dedicated professionals, including nurses specially trained in memory impairment.

We have one overarching goal for residents. We strive to help them retain as much independence as possible. We offer physical fitness program and a wide variety of social gatherings, events and group outings that encourage interaction and foster friendships.  

Balmoral Memory Care Center is an extension of Lake Forest Place and is designed to look and feel like home. Each resident has a private suite with shower. The décor is bright and contemporary. An open floor plan encourages resident interaction and fosters a sense of community.