Skilled Nursing (847) 604-6704

Skilled Nursing (847) 604-6704

Skilled Nursing Care at Lake Forest Place

It usually doesn’t take too long to earn your confidence. The superb care of our nursing team quickly establishes the kind of relationship that fosters open, honest communication. We take the time to hear all about you and your family. We know your routine … and notice if you’ve lost your appetite. We give you that little extra encouragement to try a new activity. Our nurses gently embrace you with their warmth. Strengthening your trust with their care.

A director of nursing oversees all the skilled nursing care delivered by a multi-disciplinary team. This is one of the special innovations you’ll find at the Balmoral Care Center. While most health care centers rotate nursing assistants among patients on a weekly basis, each of our nursing assistants cares for the same resident as long as he or she receives that level of care. We call this Person-Centered Care. Our nursing assistants give all residents the time and attention they deserve, and build a level of trust and friendship that improves the quality of care.

Quality care in a nurturing environment

At the Balmoral Care Center, we blend close supervision with the latest technology to keep residents safe and secure. Our campus has 24-hour security with cameras at each entryway and in public areas. Our commitment to continually enhance the quality of our services and programs, and to focus on the satisfaction of the residents who choose to live in our communities, is further reflected by our accreditation by CARF (the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). We are proud that the Balmoral Care Center regularly earns a five-star rating from